Donating to Support the YWA

Our goals each year are achievable, but are dependent on continued support and contributions from Whiff alumni, their families and other friends and fans of the Whiffenpoofs of Yale.

Please give generously to support our annual programs; you can also specify an amount to be dedicated to the Endowment.

In deciding at what level you wish to support YWA, consider the following Donor categories:

• Louis Linder’s Best  –  $1,000 or more
• Popo’s Delight  –  $500–999
• Poor Little Lamb  –  $250–499
• Gentleman Songster  –  $100–249
• Graceful and Easy  –  Up to $100

Then decide how you’d like to have your donation applied.

• Support for YWA’s General Outreach, Alumni and Administrative Initiatives
• Support for YWA’s Endowment

Making your Payment
You can pay online using the fields below, or via snail mail.

To pay online:

• Fill out the fields below.
• In Comments, note how to apply funds, e.g., $ for Outreach, $ for Initiatives, etc.
• Click on the “Make A Payment” button.
• The window that opens will be from Stripe, a credit card processing company.
• Enter your contact information.
• Next, click “Payment Info” and add your payment information.
• Finally, click “Checkout.”

You’ll see information on-screen that confirms your payment. Please also look for an
email from confirming the payment.

Questions? Contact


To pay by mail:

• Click this link to download donations form, follow instructions on form.

YWA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, so your gifts are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.