Whiff Alumni Day

“We meet again tonight, boys, with mirth and song”

The Event: Whiff Alumni Day 2017. The Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017. The Place: Mory’s—and also the new Adams Arts Center’s Rossi Glee Club Room (formerly 201 Hendrie).

Look Who’s Coming

Here’s a current list of all who have registered as of the date shown. Names not included yet: the 2018 and 2017 Whiffs, who have been invited to be the guests of YWA. Have you registered yet? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect with Whiff friends and celebrate singing in the 2018 Whiffs. List is updated frequently. Check again soon. Talk yourself into registering. Then contact your Whiffmates and talk them into it also.

Pitch’s Picks

Pitchpipes Bob Bootl’ Eggers ’73 and Benji Pitchpipe Goldsmith ’14 will lead all interested alumni during the annual Inter-generational Songfest to be held in the newly refurbished Rossi Glee Club Room—part of the magnificently expanded and redesigned Hendrie Hall / Adams Center for Music at Yale.

The repertoire for this year’s Songfest has been selected by our two Pitches from among many Whiff favorites requested by alumni at recent Whiff Alumni Days, but which have not been featured at earlier Songfests or evenings at Mory’s.

Click Repertoire link at left for list of songs. Song sheets and mp3 recordings of the arrangements are downloadable from the Media Library.

As always, this is your once-a-year opportunity to join with other remarkable voices. Sing great arrangements spanning more than seven decades. Don’t miss out!

But Wait! There’s More

As you might have gathered from this year’s letter by Alumni President Rich Johnson ’81—or realized yourselves from following developments in the Yale Daily News—the Yale campus is a constantly evolving place.

Each group of Whiffenpoofs faces these new realities fresh every year, and must respond to them as individual, autonomous groups.

At the 4:30 PM Annual Meeting of the Whiffenpoof Alumni immediately following the Inter-generational Songfest, YWA President Rich Johnson will give his report on the state of our alumni organization. He has also appointed two co-moderators to lead an Open Forum on the current state of the Yale Whiffenpoofs, both on campus and away from New Haven.

Are you interested in learning more about Whiffenpoofs today? Want to hear about their future prospects? Do you have questions to ask? Ideas to share? Advice to offer? The Annual Meeting and Open Forum provide you a great chance. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Schedule for Day and Evening

Click here to view the full plan for Whiff Alumni Day 2017.

Points to Aid Your Planning

The afternoon Inter-generational Songfest with Bob Eggers and Benji Goldsmith will provide a great opportunity to expand your mastery of classic Whiff songs. You may download sheet music and MP3 files in advance to help you prepare ahead of time, so you can tune up rather than learn at rehearsal. Watch for the announcement of songs in the WhiffNote to be sent mid-August.

All are encouraged to be at the Glee Club Room at 4:30 PM for presentation of the 2017 Annual report followed by an Open Forum on the intensifying challenges facing the current Whiffenpoofs and Yale Whiffenpoof Alumni, Inc.

At 6:00 PM (or even earlier, for thirsty Whiff alums), beverages will be available for purchase at each of the two bars at Mory’s—a perfect chance for all alumni to meet, get to know, spin yarns to and proselytize Whiff traditions to the Whiffenpoofs of 2018. The festive dinner and MUCH singing will follow at 7:00 PM.

Overnight Accommodations

It will be a busy weekend in New Haven. Hotel space is likely to be scarce. If you plan to stay over, you should immediately make arrangements. Suggested hotels:
– Marriott Courtyard: 203-777-6221
– New Haven Hotel: 203-498-3100.
– Omni: 203-772-6664
– Quinnipiack Club: 203-562-3147
– Study at Yale: 203-503-3900

Space is Limited! Reserve Now!

First come, first served. Deadline? Friday, August 25. All-in Fee? $90 per person. Covers? Total Costs of mounting the reunion; plus, a multi-course Mory’s buffet dinner and (per table) pitchers of beer and individual wine pours; plus related taxes and gratuities. Guests? Absolutely! Also $90 per person.

“Scholarships” to help reduce the fee are available on a case-by-case basis. If your attendance would be more likely with such assistance, contact Barry Mc Murtrey to inquire if you qualify. Discretion is assured. Don’t be reluctant to ask. We want you with us!

There are two ways to make your reservation:

• Online. Open the Online Registration Form, enter the requested information, then click on Pay for Whiff Alumni Day to settle via your credit or debit card.

• By mail. Download, print and complete the Mailed Registration Form and send it with your check (payable to Yale Whiffenpoof Alumni, Inc.) to: 2017 Whiff Alumni Day, P. O. Box 201712, New Haven CT 06520-1712.

Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive your completed registration and payment. Again: first come, first served.

Questions? Contact Barry Mc Murtrey (barry.mcmurtrey@yale.edu)

Whiff Alumni Day Celebration Committee

On behalf of all Whiff alumni, we look forward to welcoming you!
Barry Mc Murtrey, Kem Edwards, David McIntosh.