Whiff Alumni Day Schedule

Schedule for Day and Evening

10:30 AM  Meeting of YWA Trustees at Mory’s. Captains’ Room. All welcome; non-board alumni attendance optional.

12:15 PM YWA-sponsored luncheon at The Quinnipiack Club, 221 Church Street, for 2019 Whiffenpoofs and YWA Undergrad Advisory Committee members. 2019 Whiffs will receive a briefing and engage in Q&A with panel of several recent Whiff Popos about “Best Practices: how to make the 2019 Whiffs’ year a resounding success.”

2:00 PM Inter-Generational Songfest for ALL Whiffenpoof alumni. Rossi Glee Club Room, 201 Hendrie Hall / Adams Center. Singing led by John Pitchpipe Burke ’72, Bob Bootl Eggers ’73, Ben Pitchpipe Watsky  ’12. Song sheets for the Pitches’ Picks are available for downloading by clicking on Repertoire in the navbar at the left.

4:30 PM Annual Meeting of The Yale Whiffenpoof Alumni, Inc., Glee Club Room. Your chance to learn and ask questions about the results, plans and activities of your alumni association. ALL alumni are urged to attend!

6:00 PM Reception at Mory’s welcoming the Whiffenpoofs of 2019.

7:30 PM Celebratory banquet at Mory’s. Singing “of the songs we love (and have just polished) so well” for Whiffenpoofs young and more experienced. Induction of the 2019 Whiffs. Recognition of 2019 Whim ’n Rhythm as guests of YWA.